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-- Once an account is popular on Instagram, it tends to get more and more followers very quickly. That is because people like to follow popular accounts as they must have something worthwhile to see.
The more Instagram comments you have, the more popular your account becomes. So buying some Instagram comments is often a good way to also get followers.

Why does more Instagram comments mean more followers? -- When someone comments on an Instagram account, other people tend to do the same. A conversation then often begins, with comments going backwards and forwards as long as people are still saying interesting things.
This then causes other people to look at the photograph and the account in question, leave their own comments and, in some cases, then begin to follow that account. More followers on the account, more other followers arrive and the cycle continues.
How to buy Instagram comments -- Buying Instagram comments is easy. All you have to do is to find a site that sells them, choose the number of comments you would like to buy, and the photograph you would like them to appear on, and then pay for the package.
The comments themselves will then begin to appear on that photograph within a few hours after you have paid for them.
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